Are you shopping for the latest styles in Mens Big & Tall clothing?

At clothes biz you will find big mens shirts and all things clothes

Are you shopping for the latest styles in Men’s Big & Tall clothing? At Clothes Biz you will find shirts, pants, suits and more for the big man.

Men who are taller or larger than the average person should buy their big and tall pants from a store specializing in clothing for big men. Before today big men wanting to look good were faced the expensive route of custom made clothes.

Big & Tall

But now, online shopping with the many competing retailers, designers and stores offer the large man places and selections to make great a purchase for his wardrobe. There’s no reason you should have to try and fit clothing designed for an average sized male. Buy from stores on the Internet with sensational styles and fabulous fabrics.


If you decide to use an online shop to order your big and tall outfits, it’s important to remember that it is rare to find clothing that fits both measurements of your body properly as far as the waist and inseam combination goes. So your best bet is to buy to fit you in the waist, with a longer length that can be altered.

Do have a great tailor to alter and adjust the suit. More likely than not, nothing is going to fit perfect right off the rack, so having a relationship with a great tailor will make a difference. Ask about, visit the local mens stores and drop by his or her shop to talk abut what can and cant be altered before you shop.

Here’s advice from a well-known men’s store when buying suits

“Keep it proportionate. Buy clothes bigger in proportion. For example, skinny ties and slim lapels  do not accentuate the large frame. They may look great in the magazines but these trendy styles  do not flatter the big and tall frame. If possible always buy two pairs of suit pants. For some reason, pants are the fastest items to wear out on big & tall suits. Two pairs of suit  pants will stretch out the life span of a great suit.”

“Keep it simple. Unless you’re going with custom suits, stay with solid and neutral colors, Navy, Charcoal gray, etc.  Although boring, this approach allows you to mix and match accessories and expand your wardrobe. Be bold and make drab, dynamic by using a wide selection of ties and shirts.”