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Military surplus Clothing

As your local mom and pop military surplus stores are closing and going out of business due to inability to get authentic army surplus clothing from government liquidation companies. More and more the authentic military surplus gear is sold in large lots to major online army/navy surplus stores. Another reason for the lack of military goods at the local level is the threat of terrorism, the military wants to be sure that groups intent on doing harm to the U.S. can’t easily find authentic combat clothing and gear.Camouflage clothing is one of the most desirable items for surplus stores. Paintball players, for example, like to dress up in the outfits.

Consumers use the Internet to find great value in their clothing purchases and most find that military surplus clothes are long-lasting and hard wearing clothing. As the military from around the world make changes due to different technology or new requirements, army surplus clothing becomes a surplus to the needs of the government military forces and becomes available to the civilian market through army surplus stores or online military surplus stores. In most cases, the clothing and products are of excellent quality and have many good years of use remaining.

For example surplus clothing like combat pants and shirts trousers are well-constructed of strong material with tough stitching in the seams and are designed with numerous pockets to for easy storage and retrieval of items. The durability of military surplus apparel is a reason why outdoorsman are the main purchasers of the online surplus stores. Paintball players, Hunters, fishermen, hikers, mountain climbers, campers, militia groups, nature lovers the world over appreciate the camoflage color schemes that enable those outdoor enthusiasts to have clothing that is weather tested and blends in with the surrounding environment.

In shopping for surplus military apparel, the astute buyer will find that many items have never even been used and make a great value for collectors of vintage clothing. Shopping from the comfort of your home, buyers can research and view digital pictures of their chosen items arranged in vertical categories so you can purchase the exact product, the exact color and size without wasting your valuable time. Many items are made by well known military uniform and clothing manufacturers like Alpha Industries, Propper International, Ultra Force who outfit the United States armed forces and many other military forces around the world.

Watch for vintage clothing dating from WWII, especially 1940’s nurses uniforms. So if you’re looking for a way to honor our troop, getting an outfit for a patriotic parade, a welcome home party or maybe you just need to replace a lost or worn out jacket, shirt or pants, this is the website for you. The best quality military surplus clothes and gear at the best price!

Here’s a helpful tip when buying military surplus clothing, order one size larger. One of the hardest things to do is get the right size when ordering surplus clothes especially when the apparel originated from a different country. So check your measurements because military sizing is different. Sometimes the pants may be a perfect fit, but the shirt sleeves are too short.