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TRIA Hair Removal Laser. Guaranteed Results & Free Shipping!

A beauty skincare product clinically proven, FDA-cleared devices deliver results equal to in-office treatments, making it convenient to improve the way you look and feel on your own schedule and budget.

Stop shaving. Stop waxing. Go ahead, bare it all. You’re just 6 months away from a hair-free existence

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Say goodbye to ingrown hair, stubble and razor burn. As with any product it’s always good to speak directly to the company representatives to get the right information. For instance, TRIA is recommended for light skin complexions, so if you have darker skin tones you might want to know if this product will work for you. Below you will find a video on how TRIA determines if the product will work on your skin.

TRIA Laser Hair Removal at Home- Product Information


Introducing TRIA Beauty’s Skin Clarifying System. End acne and see a whole new you!

The TRIA Skin Clarifying System is a 3-step system featuring soothing and penetrating blue light that clears, treats and nourishes your skin in just minutes a day, for your best skin ever.

Blue light treatment is not necessarily a new way to treat acne, but it’s a relatively new way to treat acne from home. Once only available by visiting a doctor’s office, acne sufferers now have several options of at-home blue lights to choose from. Tria’s Blue Light is professional strength and has been cleared by the FDA to treat acne.

TRIA Skin Clarifying System treats acne

It works by killing the bacteria that causes acne, long before it hits the surface of your skin. According to Tria, with continued use, you’ll notice far less acne in a very quick time period. (Results possible in 7 days)



If you’re looking for a gentle and effective acne treatment system, you may want to give the TRIA blue light laser treatment for acne a try